Wildlife Research Fundraiser!

I am releasing this new painting commemorating the 1989 return of black bears to Big Bend National Park as a fundraiser for bear research!

50% of all proceeds from the image (original artwork and prints) will be donated to the Borderlands Research Institute’s bear research program. Bears are continuing to expand their range in west Texas these days, and BRI is working to keep an eye on their population and help keep them safe and healthy –and the people living here, too!

So here is your chance to support wildlife, wildlife research and a wildlife artist all at once!!!

from BRI's Instagram:


AND...If you would like to learn a little bit along with me and to see some of the art work (and field work) in progress, just use the form below and I will be happy to send you occasional updates from the art studio I share with my wife Ellen.

This is a web site of Chris Ruggia’s paintings, drawings, cartoons and comics. Pretty much all of the images are available as high-quality prints.